Boat/RIB Owners/Skippers

The Pod is an efficient and beneficial back-up to onboard emergency Oxygen equipment that can be out and ready for use every time you leave the quay.

Often cylinders with high concentration O2 are carried onboard either as part of a diver’s kit or as a decompression cylinder for use after deeper/longer dives.  They will, more than likely, already have a first stage, regulator and a low pressure hose. With these items available to you in an emergency, even if the O2 emergency kit expires, you will be able to offer the injured diver the highest available O2 concentration for the longest period of time - hopefully until you arrive back at the quay or until an EMS helicopter arrives on scene.

As with your boat or RIB, to maintain the Pod simply rinse with fresh, clean water and blow through before storing for the next outing.

The Pod has been used in an emergency situation after the Oxygen kit became exhausted. The RIB Skipper used available onboard CCR O2 cylinders on the journey back to shore where, following EMS and hospitalisation, the diver made a full recovery.  

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