Pod owners feedback

Since late in 2006 - many Sport, Professional, Technical, Closed Circuit Rebreather and Cave divers as well as Boat/RIB owners from all over the world have seen the benefit of having their own pod, here are just some of their comments:

“I believe that every diver, on every dive

throughout the world should have one of

these kits in their dive bag. The RescuEAN

can turn a regular nitrox open circuit setup

into a life saving piece of equipment. And

for tech divers and rebreather divers, the

RescuEAN can turn your rebreather or

decompression cylinders into a fully

functional oxygen system. Why divers

don’t have these is beyond me, it’s

adaptable, well priced and waterproof,

what the heck are you waiting for - Get one now.”

Paul Vincent Toomer

Director of Diver Training

RAID International

“Since 2007, the pods are going strong and are still carried (one in each RIB) on up to 19 expeditions per year to supplement/complement the medical ZD O2 cylinders as part of our diving risk management system to mitigate risks to ALARP – keeping as low as reasonably practicable.  Fortunately we’ve not had the need to use the pods (or O2 cylinders) but given the relatively small capacity of the ZD cylinders and that all expedition diving at Ascension uses nitrox (normally 36%), the RescuEAN pods provide us with the extra on-board O2 capability and capacity should it ever be required.”   

Richard Powell  -  President,

RAF Sub-Aqua Association

Received and tested my unit last week. Awesome! When I first started diving and did a recreational diver rescue course I always thought: "what a pity that all these other guy's deco cylinders have a DIN valve on them and there's no way to tap into that gas for first aid. And the first aid oxygen has this different standard regulator and valve.

I have seen real emergencies where it turned out the only emergency oxygen on the boat had a faulty regulator and couldn't be used. And what if there are two casualties ? Not inconceivable if the second diver made a dirty ascent trying to save the first.

Well, this device is AWESOME!!! It plugs into my CCR / bailout / deco tanks as long as there's an LPI hose attached and then delivers 15 or 25 lpm with a variety of constant flow attachments. Waterproof and costs less than a year of DAN insurance. Love it!

DI, St Kitts diver

My intention for my personal dive boat (a 5.2m Osprey RIB kited out for two pairs and cox max.) is to retain my seven litre 100% O2 tank, dedicated first stage with a standard DV - now fitted with a suit inflator LP hose to connect to my Pod and constant flow mask - Job done and I can use any enriched mixes - if available.

I have never been so pleased with something I don’t want to ever have to use…

TF, UK RIB owner & diver

"I found the unit to work fantastic and as described…

Richie Kohler, Technical Dive Training &

Shipwreck Exploration, USA

“What a great idea, it allows me to make use of my tech diving stage cylinders while I am out recreational diving with my friends...”

GD, UK Diver

“Just some feedback about the product... I think it needs a bit more exposure. I would have purchased sooner if I had known about it. I guess this will change in time as it becomes more popular.

Although the pod is aimed at any diver with Nitrox, I think the pod has far more potential with CCR divers as they all have access to pure O2. I have an interest in Hyperbaric medicine and DCI. All of my friends and fellow divers are CCR gas divers. I have been on the boat many times with DCI incidents and generally follow up afterwards to get feedback. This year, we had a neural bend and a vestibular bend. Both divers afterwards commented how they found it difficult to breathe on a second stage although at the time they were unable to convey this to those treating them. I have heard this many times before!

Now anyone on our boat gets ‘constant flow’ O2 immediately. In fact, we have no use for second stage delivery any more as your pod makes the treatment easy and very quick. Although my group has extensive first aid equipment - that is not the norm! I know some boats have O2 but it’s normally a cylinder with first and second stage. A quick ‘mod’ with a LP hose and the pod makes O2 administration a far more effective treatment.

Good luck with the pod, it’s one of the best ideas I’ve seen for ages...”    

PK, UK Diver

“I bought the RescuEAN as a back up to our club's emergency oxygen.  The team at RescuEAN are extremely helpful, through no fault of their own there was a little hiccup with the delivery but their customer care was fantastic. Questions were answered immediately and I even got follow up emails to make sure all was ok.  The RescuEAN is a very clever piece of kit. It is well made and feels very robust. It easily connects up to my BCD inflator hose. The unit is very easy to use, and I would recommend it to any club or individual.  Well done RescuEAN, a great product and great service.”

JA, UK Diver

“I used the Pod for real yesterday with my CCR’s O2 - on myself! Everyone else was in the water... long story but in summary... aborted (luckily) 54 m dive, dry suit dump failed, tied to transfer line on way up,  got clear, managed to control ascent by venting via neck, could not hold deco on shot line as current running and there was a 6ft swell... Very pleased to say that no problems found after check-up... Am pleased my Pod is always with me - just in case of the occasions like this...”


BSAC First Class Diver - UK

A great item of kit that gives another effective and

beneficial option in an emergency…

Jack Ingle, BSAC National Instructor,

PSAI/TDI/IANTD/ITDA Technical Diving Instructor, Kent, UK

"Many thanks – now on our RIBS on the Ascension Islands…"

Chairperson, Royal Air Force Sub-Aqua Association - UK

"As an active instructor trainer under Danish Sport Diving Federation I got, as a Christmas gift 2010, a RescuEAN Pod. This gift makes perfect sense and I am very happy with it. The reason for this is that in my work as an instructor trainer emphasizing diver safety. Too often I have noticed that not everyone has an oxybox with them on diving trips. There is no doubt that O2 is incredibly important in the event of a diving accident, and without an oxybox there are not many opportunities to use O2. This has now solved for me. The RescuEAN Pod is a gift I hope I never need, but now should it happen, then I'm ready. "

Ivan Maimann, Instructor Trainer and member of the Danish Sport Diving Federation Technical Committee for more than 25 years, Denmark

"It's a great piece of dive kit which, while designed as a

back-up to the emergency kit, could easily become a

primary rescue aid in certain circumstances. I am very sure that, one day, the pod will help save a diver's life."

Stephen Phillips, SDI UK

"I seriously think the RescuEAN Pod is worth shouting about."

Mark Blackshaw, West Midlands Region,

Sub Aqua Association, UK

"We have shown our friends the POD. Everyone thinks it's a great product..."

HR, Denmark

"Thank you for producing a good product to fill such an important niche in everyone's dive bag."


"We've always dekoflasker with, so with EANPod we can exploit an unused bottle or switch between the half-filled - and get more security for emergency treatment. We do not play chance with security!"

FL, CMAS *** Sport Diver and CMAS NITROX diving, Denmark

"Have had loads of interest in the RescuEAN and have total faith in your product."

Steve Bishop, New Zealand

"I would never go on vacation without my RescuEAN Pod! As a technical diver, often on wrecks lying long voyage from the port, I and my buddies be in big trouble if anything happens. Helicopter Rescue is not always an option!"

JO, Denmark

"Good product, at a very affordable price."

DH, Sweden

“The "RescuEAN Pod" is a very nice tool! Perfect for rebreather divers in the field.”

ES, München, Germany

“Seems like a very good piece of kit, quality seems very good and a nice price.”

RE, Wellington, New Zealand

“Will be keeping on RIB with O2 bottle”

GH, Warwickshire, UK

“Excellent bit of kit, user friendly...”

JW, Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK

“Bought on behalf of my Dive Club. Unit looks good and is easy to use.”

GB - SSAC - Lancashire, UK

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