Cave diving

The Pod is an efficient back-up to emergency Oxygen equipment and can also be carried on cave dives.

Often an aluminium 40 cylinder with O2 is carried on the cave dive fitted with an O2 clean first and second stage. This is fine if the casualty is breathing. Providing there is an area or sump above the water level near the emergency in the cave system, then a RescuEAN Pod could be fitted to this equipment and there would be the facility to offer Oxygen in a constant flow to the non breathing casualty.

As many O2 clean first stages only have outlets for the second stage and pressure gauge there is no spare port for the addition of a standard LP hose for use with a Pod. If you do have a port for a LP hose, then you will only require the Pod.

By removing the second stage regulator and connecting the Pod to the second stage hose with a simple connection (available via the Product Section) the pod can be quickly deployed and if used with a suitable mask fitted - a standard high concentration reservoir Oxygen Mask (conscious, breathing casualty), a Bag-valve Mask (non-responsive and non-breathing casualty) or, if these masks are unavailable, a pocket mask with an O2 inlet  - then the temporary oxygen system is ready for emergency use even within the cave system.

Another possibility - when it comes to replacing the first stage is to consider a new one that has LP as well as HP ports that is approved for diving with pure oxygen (99.95%).  There are now several first stages coming onto the market that will meet this need.

Finally, we have heard from cave diving groups that have created a second stage fitted with a pocket (nose/mouth) mask option for demand breathing. It has been found by them that using a RescuEAN pocket mask (or another suitable make) and placing the top circular hole in hot water, this can then be eased over a regulator seating that normally holds a standard mouth piece. Once fastened with a cable tie, the second stage has the option of being offered to a breathing casualty using the demand valve but with the benefit of a mask.

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