Individual/Buddy Diver

The Pod is beneficial for divers’ who do not own or have access to adult emergency Oxygen administration equipment, i.e., It can be used when emergency Oxygen equipment not available. This can be recreational dive pairs who do not have a ‘duty of care’ to provide Oxygen in the event of a medical or diving emergency.  Without emergency Oxygen equipment present, the Pod could become a primary rescue aid in the administration of higher than normal fractions of inspired Oxygen (FiO2), i.e., Greater than 21%.  This is of benefit for both medical and diving emergencies where there hypoxaemia is present.

In such circumstances, while awaiting the arrival of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS), the administration of higher concentrations are beneficial to the injured diver especially when presenting with signs and symptoms of Evolved Gas Disease, (Decompression Illness). In all cases, the Pod can be used until the EMS arrive on scene or emergency Oxygen is made available.

The Pod quickly connects to the Low Pressure (LP) coupling from a cylinder’s 1st Stage and is then used with a standard high concentration reservoir Oxygen Mask (conscious, breathing casualty) or a Bag-valve Mask non-responsive and non-breathing casualty).  If these masks are unavailable at the time of the emergency, a pocket mask with an O2 inlet should be considered, but it is not as effective.

The Pod can also be attached to the Oxygen cylinder within a rebreather (CCR) system or to any available Technical divers decompression cylinder where the higher Oxygen content will prove  beneficial. In some cases additional hoses may be required.

It has already been used in the UK during an emergency after the Oxygen kit became exhausted. The RIB Skipper, used available onboard CCR O2 cylinders on the journey back to shore where, following EMS and Hospitalisation, the diver happily recovered.

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