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RescuEAN Limited

8 Rectory Lane, Banstead,

Surrey, SM7 3PP, United Kingdom.

Registered UK Limited Company No.: 06010610  

VAT  No.: GB 899 246 556


NATO NSN Code: 4220-99-930-3359

US 2012 FDA Classification No.: 10030598 - Pressure Regulator






About us…

The Directors of RescuEAN and have been diving together for many years as a buddy pair. They have also gained experience working with dive schools and have helped in numerous student training programmes. It was during one Rescue training program that many questions were raised with regards to Oxygen administration and the observations that support for such a critical factor for diver emergencies seemed limited especially when diving away from schools, etc. Evolving from these questions, they developed a way to make Oxygen administration more efficient that followed the basic principles of ‘immediate care’ which is to provide the best care for your casualty with only the limited equipment you have available. What developed is an essential piece of equipment that has improved diver safety.

While neither of the directors are professional medical personnel, their Pod concept was born out of a ‘perceived benefit’ to help and promote diver safety. A professional clinician (EMS) would simply provide more Oxygen at the scene of a diver emergency, a luxury that most divers do not have. For the individual sport and buddy pair, there is no requirement to have expensive Oxygen supplies as part of their equipment and most rely on their club/school or the Emergency Services to provide in an emergency.

The Pod allows the start of emergency treatments long before the arrival of the Emergency Medical Services.

Apart from a divers personal use, the Pod has become a valuable back-up for groups where there is a “Duty of Care” to provide emergency Oxygen. The Pod allows the safe knowledge of being able to provide care in the event of additional casualties presenting themselves, exhaustion of supplies or equipment failure.

These basic four principles have put Martin and Chris on an exciting and sometimes emotional journey to promote the current best practises to ensure that more divers can receive higher O2 concentrations in an emergency...

In November 2010, the Directors of RescuEAN became the

1st honorary life-time members of

Divers Emergency Life Support (DELS)

in recognition for their services in the promotion of

diver safety and development of the RescuEAN Pod.

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