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NATO NSN Code: 4220-99-930-3359

US 2012 FDA Classification No.: 10030598 - Pressure Regulator






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Uses for the RescuEAN Pod:

The RescuEAN Pod is an unique diving rescue aid that delivers available Nitrox & O2 decompression gas mixes safely and in a constant flow to an injured diver in accordance with the standards of current best clinical practice.  It can be used with both conscious and unconscious casualties, as well as those individuals who deteriorate into Cardiac Arrest and require resuscitation before the arrival of the Emergency Medical Services.

Why a Pod? - Find out more here:

Why a Pod?   Why a Pod?

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Above, a Pod review by Mark Evans (Editor - Sport Diver Magazine) and Monty Halls (UK TV presenter, Diver & Marine Biologist) who offer their positive feedback.  

Mark & Monty are both Pod owners too...

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“I believe that every diver, on every dive throughout the world should have one of these kits in their dive bag. The RescuEAN can turn a regular nitrox open circuit setup into a life saving piece of equipment For tech divers and rebreather divers, the RescuEAN can turn your rebreather or decompression cylinders into a fully functional oxygen system. Why divers don’t have these is beyond me, it’s adaptable, well priced and waterproof, what the heck are you waiting for? Get one now.”

Paul Vincent Toomer

Global Training Director. Dive RAID

Here is a Pod review as an Expedition Grade O2 Kit by

Brian Davis of Brian Davis Scuba

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Skippers of RIBS & Boats

Divers with a ‘duty of care’

Cave Divers

Buddy Divers

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